Napoleona strikes again… the Bethlehem scenes get more interesting by the day.  I wish that Anthromama had taken a picture of the sleeping Bethlehem.

Nana sent these as a Hanukkah present and Napoleona loves them! 

She wears them to daycare and tells everyone all about them.  They have flowers!  and they have velvet here on the heel!

Some of you lucky readers may potentially get one of these pictures in a Christmas card. If anyone out there is still looking to splurge on a Christmas present, this would be greeted with howls of glee and a stream of great pictures.

We had a dusting of snow that didn’t stick around for long a couple of weeks ago. We have freezing rain and sleet forecast for later today, but we did get to play outside a bit. Last year SillyBilly did some sledding with the sled that Grandpa gave him, but this year Napoleona got in on the fun.
This is on the little hill just outside our front door. Thankfully, the gravel path serves as a natural braking mechanism so they don’t sled right into the brook. SillyBilly and I talked about how he could roll out of the sled if it looked like he was going into the brook.

Mama and Papa traded slightly silly looks while watching to make sure the gravel braking wasn’t just theoretical.

I was singing today in a choir, and the director said something very interesting. He had observed the alto section get lost and fall apart, and he said, “If you find yourself lost, don’t try to think, try to open up to your surroundings and let them help you intuit what needs to happen. Thinking takes too much time, intuition is instantaneous.”

He is so right! I haven’t been singing for a while, and I really do miss it and I think this is why. My work life involves a lot of thinking, and it needs to be balanced with some intuitive activity. Both are valid ways of knowing, and both have very different qualities, and in my experience, very different effects on me. Too much thinking tends to tire me, and makes me tend towards depression and stagnation. It can be easy to become stuck. I’m most familiar with this mode of knowing, so I’m not too sure what the effects of too much intuiting are. I do know that the kind of intuitive activity involved in singing with a group of people makes me feel better.

I’ve got to give SillyBilly equal time…
Here’s a picture of him at Fairy Una’s Enchantment Camp.

While we were visiting, Grandma Mimi gave us a printer, scanner, copier that she had laying around unused. It works fine! This picture is from Napoleona’s summer adventure at Fairy Una’s Camp Enchantment

Because certain grandparents (you know who you are!) have repeatedly asked for new pictures (“I checked the blog yesterday, but…”) and Blogger has fixed their image upload problems, I now present the following:

SillyBilly and Napoleona modeling their new stuff: space sweater, pumpkin dress, and pink shoes from Nana, gnomie hats crocheted by me!
Wild things wearing new pajamas!

Watering the flowers with Great-grandpa Fred.
Hugs from Mimi and Grandpa Paul!
The kids, Grammy, and Grampa Fred show off their catch.
And the kids help Grammy clean their fish, soon to be fried and eaten! Yum!

Whenever Mama tries to take my picture, I make a silly face. I’m pretty good at it, and lately my strategy has been to make it as subtle as possible, because Mama gives up pretty quickly if I’m too obvious. This one, though, is all Mama’s doing. I wasn’t even trying!

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